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The Next Wave Of Campus Security


When it comes to new technology that advances campus security at colleges and universities, successful adoption is a no brainer if campus life is improved for every participant. Such is the case with the Usher Mobile Identity Network, a groundbreaking solution developed by Microstrategy. Usher offers a staggering number of benefits for students, faculty, administrators, visitors and essentially anyone who is due access to campus. Because we live in a modern mobile world, “campus” includes physical spaces and cyberspace equally.

Passwords Put Out To Pasture

Usher Screen ShotLogging into a system with ID and Password is a poor form of access control and one that will soon be eliminated universally. The average American has 35 accounts with passwords, therefore most passwords are easy to remember and less than cryptic. Usher increases cybersecurity with minimum effort required.  The Mobile Identity Network provides users with a one-time, time-limited access code – a four digit number or QR code – valid for 120 seconds only. In the case of system login, the computer display presents a four digit field and/or QR code (the app has a QR reader). Once the code is submitted, Usher determines whether access is granted or denied. Once logged in, the user leaves a footprint of all actions – files, media and the school’s intellectual property accessed, modified and shared.  Obviously, users tethered to their identity have zero options for conducting harmful or fraudulent activity without repercussions.

Objects Dematerialized

The number and variety of items stored in the Usher wallet are limitless. From ID badges and swipe keys, to meal plan accounts, insurance cards, parking passes, event tickets and commerce tokens – all easily and securely accessed via the user’s smart phone. Unlike their physical counterparts that can be lost, stolen or duplicated, credentials only render for the rightful owner.

Usher Open Doors

Usher keys tighten campus security. Whereas physical keys and proximity cards represent security breaches when misplaced, lost, copied or stolen, Usher mobile keys are always easily accessible to their rightful owners. Such keys only materialize for the individual due access. These keys can be distributed or revoked instantly, anytime from anywhere. They are considerably smarter than traditional keys. Usher keys can be used for specific times only, and can even be available only if in proximity to another specific key holder. Schools can email time-limited keys to prospective students or alumni visiting campus. Security is enhanced because Usher provides an audit trail of time stamps revealing how many, and which users, access specific spaces at any given time.

Lost or Stolen Phone?

Unlike traditional forms of identification and access tokens, in the case of a missing phone, ID is never compromised. This is due to multifactor authentication needed to access the application. Biometrics, such as voice print, ensure that only the rightful owner is able to access his or her Usher ID.

Peer to Peer Validation

Peer-to-PeerUsing the Usher Identity Network provides a gold standard level of customer service and personal security. Because every Usher user can provide a code to quickly and securely confirm identity, administrators, faculty and campus security personnel can quickly establish the identity of an individual reaching them via telephone or other mode of communication. No need to ask for final four digits of social security number, mother’s maiden name or other time-consuming and less secure methods of verification. Additionally, a student can confirm the identity (and have it on record) of the individual with whom they’ve had contact – be it another student, a professor, a Resident Advisor, administrator or campus security officer. When interactions are secure and “on record,” there’s diminished opportunity for inappropriate and/or illegal activity to transpire.

Digital Signature

To sign an official document remotely, all an Usher user needs to do is attach their digital signature, which is provided by the application. Financial Aid, interoffice memos, changes to policy and procedures – in every department of higher education − millions of dollars worth of resources, including time, travel, postage and paper expenses are saved within months of adopting secure digital signature technology

Abnormal Activity Revealed

Usher-Mobile-IntelligenceUsher Intelligence provides campus security and cyber-security with the data necessary to do the job better than ever. Usher can provide proactive alerts for anomalies, such as consecutive uses too far apart (within a given time frame), atypical high usage frequency, repetitive action usage or same user in two places at once. Likewise, any sort of threshold related to time, location, trend, pattern or any number of relevant statistics can be programmed to alert security officers about potentially suspicious behavior far before human investigation would be likely to take place. Wouldn’t it be nice to be notified if three hundred students have gathered in an unlikely location on campus at 4 AM? If someone has been reported missing, what security department wouldn’t want immediate access to statistical evidence revealing where the missing individual last performed a campus-related action? And, also have immediate evidence regarding who else performed the same action within a close proximity of space and time?

Campus Life and Beyond

Just as Usher will soon change how we experience sporting events, travel & leisure activities and corporate processes, so will campus life be significantly improved through adoption of the Usher Mobile Identity Network. To explore how Usher can facilitate top notch security and services on your campus, contact Keith Gallant –

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