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Facebook Likes Actually DO Reveal Personal Information

This study on Facebook likes revealing personal information is worth a read.  One of the questions we get asked all the time is “OK, that’s great that you have a tool which can tell me if someone has Liked something on Facebook, but what does that really MEAN?”

We think it means that the person has made displayed a preference for that page -whether it’s an entertainer, a restaurant, a brand, or whatever.  The person is saying (to the world even) “hey, this is something I like and want to know more about, keep me connected to this entity so I stay in the loop.”

If we take the results from this study, which found that it was possible (maybe even easy?)  to take the aggregate likes of a person and determine a good amount about them, and we reverse engineer them back to our question of “what does a Facebook like actually mean?” we can see that it means that we are learning something valuable about the person when they Like a page.

It is, as always, great to have a little bit of data to back up our assumption about what a Like actually means.

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